It is increasingly recognized that in addition to sequence and structure, the dynamic properties of nucleic acids are also important for their function. This is because nucleic acids undergo conformational changes to carry out multi-step biochemical reactions, cycling between various conformational states needed for binding and catalysis. My Ph.D. research project in the Al-Hashimi lab at Duke is to develop Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) methods combined with quantum mechanics calculations and 3D computational modeling for ‘imaging’ the structural dynamics of DNA and RNA at atomic resolution. I will be joining Professor Jennifer Doudna’s lab at UC Berkeley in 2021 Fall as a Postdoctoral Fellow and continue to explore the amazing world of nucleic acid dynamics and functions. In the future, I hope to fill gaps in our understanding of the degree to which DNA and RNA structural dynamics influences their biochemistry and the fundamental processes that govern living cells, drive evolution and cause various diseases, and to develop RNA targeting small molecule therapeutics to address diseases ranging from AIDS to COVID-19.